IoanninaI was born on the 23 January 1945 in Ioannina (Yannina),.. a town located north-west of Greece. The name of the town is synonymous with my name. Yannina today is a medium-size university town. It is a pretty town with a large lake and a small and very picturesque little island in it!


After finishing my education, in 1965, I worked in Corfu from 1967 to 1978 and that is where I met my English ex-wife Jill and we have had two sons - Todd and Alexis.

Both my sons, Todd and Alexis were born in the United Kingdom. 


Todd went to Loughborough University, got his PhD and now lives in Los Angeles with his wife Joanna. They were married on the 10th  August 2001. My grandson Alexander was born on the 29 June 2004, followed by Oliver 13 Nov 2005 and then finally my granddaughter Sienna born on the 24 July 2008.


Alexis, the younger one, went to Bournemouth University and also acquired a Master's degree in economics at the London School of economics. He now works in a bank in the City of London, and lives with his partner Alexandra in North London.
My granddaughter Isabella was born in London, on the 27 November 2010.


I am very proud of wife, all my family members, especially of my two sons Alexis and Todd.

In October 1978 I left Corfu and moved permanently to the UK where I started my own holiday company. Since then I have been working in the travel industry until my retirement in January 2005.


On the 14 June 2008, I married in Russia my wife Raihanna (on the right) and we live in Surrey, UK.