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Ufa - Bashkortostan - Russia

Ufa is the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia. Ufa is the capital and the administrative, political, economic, scientific and cultural center of the republic.


Ufa is one of the largest cities in Russia. The population is 1,021,500 (2008 est.); 1,042,437 (2002 Census). In terms of ethnic composition, it is dominated by Russians, Tatars and Bashkirs. Ufa is famous for its oil, gas, minerals, and Bashkir honey. The distance from Moscow by train is 1567 km. Estimated flight time is two hours (from Moscow).

Ufa is situated in Eastern Europe near its land boundary with Asia, at the confluence of the Belaya and the Ufa rivers, on low hills to the west of southern Urals.


The city began as a fortress built on the orders of Ivan IV in 1574, and originally bore the name of the hill it stood on, Tura-Tau. The city began to be called Ufa, meaning "small" in Turkic, by locals and the name stuck. It achieved town status in 1586. In 1802, Ufa became the principal city of Bashkortostan. In 1918, Ufa was the residence of the Provisional All-Russian Government.


Ufa is linked by railways to the rest of Russia, having a railway station on a historic branch of Transsib. The M7 motorway links the city to Kazan and Moscow and the M5 motorway links Ufa to Moscow and to the Asian part of Russia. Ufa International Airport has international flights to Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, as well as domestic flights to many Russian cities and towns.




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